The book that will change your perspective on photography.

This book is a transformative guide that will revolutionize the way you perceive and approach the art of photography. Packed with insightful techniques, inspiring examples, and profound wisdom, it explores the depths of the photographic world, encouraging you to see beyond the surface and capture moments with a fresh and imaginative eye.

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3 LANGUAGES: English, Italian and German


The Best Ebook for Landscape Photography

“Landscapes photography is an art that requires not only impeccable technique, but also a creative vision and careful observation of nature. With years of experience and an infectious passion for photography, Mike Ruge offers to readers a practical and accessible approach to creating stunning images of nature. In this book, you’ll learn how to choose the right equipment, understand lighting and weather conditions, compose the scene, use filters, and much more. With his informal style and practical wisdom, Mike Ruge will guide you through every aspect of landscape photography, from selecting your destination to looking at your final images. If you’re looking to improve your landscape photography skills, there’s no better book than this one.”

Learn how to make images like these

Photo of Mike Ruge, author of the book

Topics covered in the ebook

What is landscape photography?
– The importance of light in landscape photography
– The necessary equipment for landscape photography
– Which camera to choose?
Chapter 1: Composition
– Composition rules in landscape photography
– Symmetric and asymmetric composition
– Balancing foreground and background
Chapter 2: Light
– Types of light in landscape photography
– Golden hour and golden light
– Diffused and direct light
Chapter 3: Subject Selection
– Planning your shot
– Finding the ideal subject in landscape photography
– Photography of mountains, seas, fields, forests, and other landscapes
– Choosing the right perspective for your subject
Chapter 4: Shooting Technique
– Camera settings for landscape photography
– Using a tripod and self-timer
– Managing exposure in difficult lighting situations
– Using ND and polarizing filters
– Using the remote trigger
Chapter 5: Landscape Photography Styles
– Bracketing
– Perspective blending
– Focus stacking
– Black and white
– Panoramas
– Night photography
– Winter photography
– Extras
Chapter 6: Post-Production with Adobe Photoshop
– Complete workflow (Camera Raw, luminosity masks, tonality masks, and finishing)
– Tips for improving your landscape photography
– How to share your photos and promote your work online
– How to choose the right print for your photos and create a photo exhibition.



Magnificent photos await you.

And if you’re here, it means that you already have a passion for landscape photography. But how do you transform this passion into breathtaking images that capture the essence of nature itself? With our ebook on landscape photography, we will teach you all the secrets to capture the beauty of the world around you. We’re not just talking about technique, but a creative approach that will allow you to create unique and personal works of art. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced photographer or just starting from scratch, our ebook is perfect for anyone looking to improve their landscape photography skills. Learn how to choose the right equipment, how to use light and weather conditions, how to compose the scene to convey emotions, how to use filters to create stunning effects, and much more! Don’t miss the opportunity to become a true master of landscape photography. Purchase our ebook now and start taking images that will leave you and those who see them in awe.

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All for just 9,90€ for a few days




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